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  • Direct RNA Sequencing
  • Direct Single-Cell Sequencing

Direct RNA Sequencing

RNA sequencing is shaping its way used in the clinic. Well-known shortcomings existed in current cDNA-based transcriptome limit advances in characterization and quantification of transcriptomes. Direct Genomics paves a new path to achieve bias-free understandings of transcriptomes by directly sequencing RNA with high throughput. That expands the promise of RNA-measurements to diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic of diseases like cancers and infections.

Direct Single-cell Sequencing

Single-cell sequencing technologies now present numerous advantages over traditional sequencing methods for solving the problems of biological heterogeneity and low quantities of available biological materials. However, methods developed to date rely on multiple sample manipulation and amplification steps, which introduce errors and skew the original representation of the nucleic acid population. Direct Genomics would present an amplification-free approach involving direct capture of DNA/RNA from cellular lysates onto probe-coated sequencing surfaces for single-cell sequencing, providing new avenues in understanding the heterogeneity and dynamics of complex tissues and cell populations.