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Nowadays phone cards are the optimal decision for international calls. Reliance prepaid calling cards enable you to save on long distance and overseas telephone calls.
Advantages of using the prepaid cards:

Low price – Online phone cards are inexpensive than operator assisted calls and collect calls. International telephone cards will save you up to 80% of your long distance bill.
Saving of time – You don’t have to leave your home or office to get instant phone card, the complete process of getting the card will hardly take you more than a minute.

Controlling your expenses – You can control your expenses for long distance calls within your budget.

Convenience – You can use reliance phone card for calls from office, home, hotel, airport, street public and mobile telephone. There is a wide range of cheap international calling cards. You can always choose the best variant.

Anonymity – While using the prepaid international calling cards the information about your call will remain inaccessible to anyone. opens the door for you not only to the world of inexpensive and good quality communication, but in the world with vast abilities of convenient and functional communication irrespective of your location and circumstances. Now nothing limits you, and the distance – does not matter. Speak as much as you want!